Health – The Sign of Healing DP

The Star

the star

Health – The Sign of Healing

No pain, no suffering lasts for an eternity. It may be poor health, a long bout of illness, or mental distress, but these problems do not have to bother you for long. We all find healing in one way or another. Like the Star that suddenly appears in the night and inspires the beholder, miracles pop up in front of us. The body can slowly regain strength and fix itself. A new development somewhere comes along and your condition gets treated. Even the sufferings that torment your mind may prove to be a test, and the lessons you get from confronting yourself can actually make you a better person than before. Remember that when you have been unwell for so long, the eventual recovery will come soon. The Universe seeks to make us whole, and the Star is its sign that all will be well for you.  

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