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The Magician

the magician

Health – The Will to be Healthy

 The signs are all there. You are feeling aches and pains because you have not been taking care of yourself for quite some time. Your body is sending you messages to eat healthier food, get that one checked up, start exercising and sleep more. It seems you need that internal push to do all that. That internal push is the Will. The very intention to do so. It is what gives more strength to the Magician’s spells. More often, the action we must take, and the paths we must choose are already in front of us. We just need to push ourselves hard to do it, to go with our deepest intentions. If it concerns your well-being, the call is no longer to procrastinate but to take action. Change your diet, see the doctor for that concern, and get physically active before it is too late. Do what you must, force yourself even if you think you are really procrastinating. Only when you put your entire will and intention into actual improvement can the magic work on your health.

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