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The Hierophant

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Health – Trust the Experts

Are you dealing with a serious health problem? Do you have a bothersome malady that is a nuisance to you most of the time? Or do you simply want a routine that can help you with weight loss or getting better hair and skin? Likely you are tempted to take matters into your own hands, and try something like self-medication or folk remedies, but are you sure they are safe? The Hierophant gives his counsel and tells you to respect the authority. The specialists are there for a reason, and that is they know more about the proven ways to improve your health. Self-medication and untested treatments may look like a shortcut, but would you risk harming yourself or worse should they fail you? Better consult with the experts regarding your health. Follow their advice to the letter and see the results. The proven ways are often the most effective and less risky.  

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