Love – A Happy Progress in Romance DP

The Star

the star

Love – A Happy Progress in Romance

Monotonous, dull, and without openness. Maybe this is how you feel with your romantic partner right now. Your bond has stood the test of time and both of you are truly in love, but it does not seem to be going anywhere. However, the Universe does not let well-nurtured bonds remain stagnant. The Star bursts its light in the dullness of it all, a sign of progress in one’s romance. It all comes after a long period of strengthening your love. Perhaps you or your partner discover hidden qualities that you can appreciate in the other. Or even amid boredom, the two of you could become very comfortable with each other, and so it will be easier for either one of you to open up more. Likely, trying what is new with your loved one can help break the monotony and take things to a higher level. No matter how slow it seems now, you are both heading in the right direction. What you have that will shine brighter in the future is something deeper than mere romantic feelings.

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