Love – A New and Hopeful Romance DP

The Star

the star

Love – A New and Hopeful Romance

Are you still weeping for the past? One still finds it hard to let go of romance that has gone away long ago. Hold your head up high, and look to what lies ahead! Someone better for you is waiting, a happier bond comes in the future! This is the Star of hope that represents new happiness after a period of great loss. It may well be that someone dear has left you, or that your earlier relationships have been very toxic. You do not need to stay there. The Universe is calling you to get up and find healing. Go out and meet new people, talk to that person who showed you kindness in the moment of heartbreak. You deserve better companions. Seek new places and learn more about life. We are not supposed to remain stuck in one place after failing in love, rather we are meant to follow that bright guide in the distance that leads us to new and greater heights. 

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