Love Feng Shui Version 11

Your Feng Shui Reading for Today

The longingness for tranquility, peace and love from another individual has been a universal goal such a lifelong journey that is upon each one of us, in a world with chaos and hardships a peaceful and warm sanctuary has been what we starve for, but how does energy around us affect us in a slightest way that in turn will become significant once time passes. An ancient art of flow and study on harmonizing energies in our environment, Feng Shui is a Chinese ancient art that has held the credit for putting emphasis on maintaining the balance of energies for one to achieve great success in their day to day life. It specializes on the energy that gives us consciousness and sentients and how it harmonizes with other life forms around us and inanimate objects’ energy.

But how does Feng Shui have a significant relation between romance and affection, as how the principle in Feng Shui, it could also serve as a guide towards having a harmonious relationship, for as following the art it will make you master the teachings and learn how to manipulate and balance out the negatives with positives that is present in our life. Such a way of thinking and philosophy that you could foster from the art, doesn’t just limit itself with matters of love, it has a significant use in a variety of ways in order to achieve a prosperous and joyous life.

Let us set foot into the world of Feng Shui and see how great it can help boost your romance and relationships.

Have your Intentions clear, fill your environment with good thoughts for your connection, as being used to thinking in such a way will make you more open to possibilities and positivity. Understand and perceive love, peace, and pleasure adorning every corner and inch of your place as you design and reorganize it.

The art of Feng Shui places a great importance on the need for clear passages for energy to have an efficient circulation, and clear communication is fundamental for an ecstatic relationship. To foster a strong heart-to-heart connection, engage in Wholehearted listening and open communication.

Remain fully present in your connection. By practicing mindfulness and open mildness, you can easily appreciate the nuances and small intricacies that contribute allure to your relationship.

Energy balancing has been the very core of Feng Shui since ancient times, “Chi” is the vital energy that flows through all living things, and creating harmony in its flow is critical for human well-being, including matters of romance. Moreover, as your Chi is well refined it will help you to foster a wide variety of good traits such as helping you to be more wise and precise, kind and understanding which will benefit you in your romantic path. To promote optimism and tranquility, and in the context of romance many great minds have been studying and practicing the art in order to ensure its credibility, as you modify such a passageway for energy will in turn translate to creating an environment that stimulates love and connection. Using such teachings will make you procure a variety of advantages that you can use in your romantic life.

The sense of connection and individuality that drives us to act in a variety of ways might lead to us being lost and confused, Using Feng Shui principles can unquestionably give us a result in a peaceful setting, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that customization is the secret for a better feel in your day to day lifestyle. Your place should portray and express your personalities and experiences for as a couple, each person and relationship is unique and has its own ups and downs with twists that should be explored by one another to have a great progress towards unity. Using Feng Shui to guide you will help you make the proper selections, nonetheless you should also add your own flair to the area to make it distinctively yours and to be able to show a piece of your passion and taste.

Feng Shui is known by many, it’s not just bound to physical degree of energies and characteristics, its teaching goes beyond and deeper that it teaches how to create a harmonious spirituality. The spiritual and emotional facets of your relationship should also be considered, as how divine interference exists having your spirituality interlinked with your partner will let you go beyond death with your bond. They are also taken into consideration when practicing feng shui, in addition to the physical elements. It is equally important to arrange furniture and to create an emotional environment that fosters love and connection.

Ultimately having to customize by creating a Space that helps you to easily afford to grow and nurture Love is very advantageous . The layout of places and arrangements are one of many core principles of Feng Shui taught. The bedroom is the primary setting for romance as it is a room designed and intended for resting and the sole medium by many for intimate acts and connection. Intimacy and emotional bonding should be encouraged in the bedroom as this will better improve your romance with one another, which should radiate calm and warmth. Several crucial factors are as follows. The placement of your Bed as its written in Feng Shui, setting up the bed in the “command position” or in a more explanatory way positioning your furniture like your bed or desk so that you have a clear view of the entrance to the room, will give you a good view of the door and a sense of security. With this posture, one might feel in control of their environment, which promotes ease and relaxation.

Your mirror placement and romantic fortune is greatly considered in Feng Shui, mirrors are very important in Feng Shui because they have the ability to augment and divert energy. Mirror locations in romantic settings should have priorities set in arranging them. For one, avoid putting mirrors in front of the bed because it’s thought to break up closeness and cause restlessness. However, placing a mirror so that it reflects lovely scenery or romantic symbols might intensify the good vibes in the area.

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