Love Feng Shui Version 14

Your Feng Shui Reading for Today

Conjuring love and maintaining a bond through romanticism, may be found difficult by many as it has many intricate and sensitive aspects that needs to be heavily considered in order to foster a warm and safe bond. Such difficulty could easily be solved by maintaining and balancing positive and negative aspects, not just by emotions or psychology, but a more insightful and in-depth approach towards energy in general. An art that focuses on such has a long history and spans out way before antique Chinese and into the Ancient Chinese. The art of Feng Shui that was developed well over 3000 years ago, has been most reliable in terms of energies. It is an art where the energy or “chi” of our surroundings has great effects on the way we think, feel, and react to things in life. Once ventured and studied one may acquire a unique perspective on life that will ultimately be beneficial for the one who practices it, the placement of accessories or the design of your place could significantly have an effect on your relationship. Using Feng Shui in the realm of romanticism, may lead to a very desirable healthy relationship. As the arts focus intertwines with love as how love is considered to be a positive energy, one must know how to balance it in order to maintain and ensure you have the right partner for you, as it will be easier to resonate with your partner’s energy and spirituality. Ultimately, leaving you with a successful and healthy bond with your partner. There are many things to take into consideration when desiring to upgrade and enhance the romance you have with your partner with the help of the teaching Feng Shui offers towards harboring positive energy and maintaining it. Having clear intentions and thrive, will most likely boost you in your journey in Feng Shui in terms of romanticism.


This traditional practice has a strong energy that promotes manifestation, balance, and harmony. A powerful indication that something significant is going to take shape in your life, regardless that it may not be much in line with your present desires and thoughts, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime grace provided by the divine miracles of faith you have placed in the ways of the Chinese geomancy or Feng Shui. Best be prepared to avoid being engulfed by the feelings of vulnerability and worry this entails. The brooding anxiety and premonitions arise both from your intuition, also your sixth sense so as to alert you to the fact that an abrupt transition is going to occur in the days to come. Bear in mind that should you religiously practice the ways of Feng Shui and entrust the process to the universe then you will be able to face any threats that may prevent you from pursuing success if you have the correct attitude and plan of action in place, a goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bounded. You must constantly be eager to take the initiative and persist for it even when you have wishes that have not yet been granted. Focusing solely on your goal is also a test of determination and commitment, therefore you must proceed with caution as you might be swayed by temptations or spontaneous desires. Moreover, it will be crucial for you to maintain a positive outlook while maintaining that ardent endeavor to naturally attract the energy of the cosmos towards you since your choices and actions will inevitably create a future that will vary on your decisions, responses and approaches. Additionally, this implies that should you set yourself, finding harmony and balance including your own relationship with yourself in addition to special relationships will prove to benefit you as they will be with you in their life. Like mortgages, this

requires investment and commitment which may exacerbate the worries for it is difficult to refocus, especially at this point of your life wherein temptations are constantly in sight. You are urged to focus on reestablishing the harmony and balance inside yourself at this point. The ideal approach might be to connect your thoughts and deeds with your inner values and guiding principles as how every attorney would, even going as far beyond their legal duties as protector of those in need. As you go through the process of discovering the ambiguity and distinct human features you must establish deep connections with, remember that distinctiveness will help you create stronger foundations and greater bonds with others.


Once you decide to place your faith in the process and your higher self’s wisdom, greater things in store for you shall briskly arrive at your door at the day you least expect it to. Trusting the process and allowing things to happen naturally as how the universe willed it to be will open up countless opportunities for friendship and collaboration options, which in turn shall result in even greater blessings. If you work together with your significant other who also pursues self-sufficiency and their full potential in order to walk the path of success with grace, ease, and a sense of fulfillment, your quest of progress is sure to yield results beyond your imagination. Regardless if opportunities may appear to be obstacles at first, bear in mind that they are actually blessings and must be grasped tightly without hesitation or second thoughts. From the moment you first drew breath to this very day where you stand with pride, you have been destined for greater things. Though you will undoubtedly encounter some difficulties, keep in mind that these are also unique chances for development which will strengthen and refine a better version of you. Keep in mind that you have always been deserving of all the fortune and abundance that shall come your way and that you have a lot in store for you and all shall fall into their rightful places at the right time and will eventually make their way to you if you trust the divine timing and ways of the traditional Feng shui.

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