Love – Hold Before Confessing DP

The Hanged Man

The hanged Man

Love – Hold Before Confessing

Have you ever taken a romantic interest in someone? It seems that you have. There is a person out there whose charm has captivated you, and now you want to rush into falling in love. But being hasty can be harmful, and not all people are who they appear to be. All that charm and niceness they display, it may well be a mask. The real character can be a terrible person to live with. As the Hanged Man is held up by the tree branch, so must you hold your feelings first before confessing. Get to know who the real person is behind the facade. Chances are they are probably hiding something dark. Fall in love only with those who are sincere and honest about themselves, and whose quirks you can accept. Everyone else who tries to woo you is likely a trap!

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