Love – Let Go of the Past DP

The Death


Love – Let Go of the Past

You are probably looking for romance out there, or you may already have a romantic partner at your side. The one who looks for romance is supposed to be focused on the chase, and the one who is already in love should be enjoying the moment. But memory is such a cruel speaker. You start to remember the many times you failed to connect to others. The mistrust, the unpleasant treatment, and betrayal from those who used to be close to you start haunting your innermost visions. It disturbs you too much, until the present moments you have are sabotaged. But then it is time to let go. Put the past to Death because it no longer serves you. A happy future is ahead, the present is the workshop with which you can build it. Pursue the love you want now, and treasure your lover where you are now. What has happened has happened, it lessons have already served you. 

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