Love – Motivated In Love DP

The Empress


Love – Motivated In Love

The person who is your romantic interest is out there. You used to be shy and scared when it comes to opening up. Now those internal obstacles seem to be gone. You want to connect more, to share your feelings more for that person. All of the negative consequences you imagined would happen no longer bother you. That is The Empress at work, giving the internal push in your romantic pursuits. All of the things that block your path in love, such as insecurities, fears, and anxieties with talking to other people are removed. You finally realize that the greatest motivation of all likes within you, and that is our very human need for affection and connection. Everything else that hinders you are just unhappy illusions, waiting to be dispelled by your bold act of going out there in the bigger world where better things are waiting for you.

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