Love – Think Twice Before Falling! DP

The Fool

the fool

Love – Think Twice Before Falling!

Do you believe in fairy tale notions about love? Do you look at your love interest in the same way that someone sees a god, a perfect person without flaws?  Or are you too trusting of others to the point that you are blind to the red flags? Well, Fools rush into the abyss of bad Romance. The pain comes in when your face hits hard upon reality. Before you go to that point, take a step back. Are the things you imagine about romantic relationships realistic, leading to lifelong commitment without toxicity? Can you accept your love interest as they are, with all their human quirks and flaws? Can you keep up the relationship until it actually develops into something meaningful? Time to address those illusory visions before you and get a wiser view of things. Romance is meant for grownups who live in reality, not foolish kids who play in a fantasy land.

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