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Love – Time to Focus on the Positive

You may be single, and you look out to those happy couples and feel jealous. Why am I so lonely? Or you may already have a lover, but the romance has lost its spark. Why did I fall in love with this person? Well, cheer up! All is not bad. In the middle of the dark night, the Star shines brightly. Only those who look up and try to find it will see it. What other advice can be given to you but to look for the positives. Even in your state of singleness, you may be doing very well in other aspects of your life. Enjoy them! And who knows, among your friends or the people you meet, you may actually find your soulmate. And if you are already in a romance, it is possible that you are taking your partner for granted. Look for the good traits in your soulmate that you often overlook. Be grateful for the companionship and the little acts of love being done for you. All that positive vibe generated can rekindle the deeper feelings in you. It may even attract a good future for your relationship!

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