Love – Time to Make Big Changes DP

The Death


Love – Time to Make Big Changes

Are there a lot of things going wrong with your Love life? Perhaps you cannot find the person who could be your soulmate, or if you are in a romance a lot of things are going wrong between you and your lover. You may be tempted to blame things outside of you for your current problems, but that would be totally immature. Pause for a while, and look inside of you. Maybe there is something wrong with the way you are doing things. Are you being pushy or cringey when approaching the other person? Or are you being selfish and jealous with your partner? Put those awful things to Death, and try to make big changes with the way you do your Love life. Start with being more considerate with other people, and with being nicer and less terrible with your loved one. Try winning others with your genuine charm, tact , and kindness. Sugar attracts more as compared to vinegar, after all. 

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