Love – Use Your Intuition DP

The Empress


Love – Use Your Intuition

You are walking out there in the world, looking for your soulmate. You are ready and desperate now for romance. But even among your friends, you struggle to find the right person to share your life with. Do not haste, do not despair in your search. The Empress on her throne calls upon you to use your intuition. When all else fails, use your deepest feelings. When you meet someone, how does it make you feel? Your soulmate will give off that vibe that sparks positivity, warmth, caring tenderness, and safety when you make contact. If that is what you sense, make your move. Never let that person slip away from your embrace! Those who are not the one will give off the opposite vibe. When you feel intimidated, suspicious, and very wary about someone, run away! You may spare yourself heartbreak or worse when you do that. Love does not always rely on logic but more on your deepest senses.  

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