Love – You are the Conjurer of your Romance DP

The Magician

the magician

Love – You are the Conjurer of your Romance

Like attracts like. Who we are as persons determine our present company. We are the very Magicians who conjure up the people who become our friends and lovers. Look at yourself in the mirror, then look at the one whom you are currently in a romance with. Are you treating yourself with care and respect? Then it is likely that your partner is someone who cares for you with genuine respect. Do you constantly seek to better yourself and become a more interesting person? Chances are your lover is an interesting and fun person to be with. It works that way. And if you are the kind who has nothing but self-loathing and no desire for progress, then be prepared for sad relationships in the future. Start working on yourself. Improve your personal grooming, study hard, take care of yourself and be nicer to others around you. In time you will become an enchanted magnet for the kind of people who will love you in the same way as you love yourself.

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