Love – Your Love Interest Magically Appears DP

The Magician

the magician

Love – Your Love Interest Magically Appears

It could be a childhood friend, a former classmate, a co-worker, or strangers even. From the very beginning, you may not have any interest in romance. Life for you was about attending to your mundane duties. And then that one particular person catches your attention. A bond is formed between you. A fantastic set of feelings emerge. The Universe works like a Magician for certain people. For the lucky few who get blessed, romance is suddenly placed in front of them. Out of nowhere, your soulmate miraculously appears in your life. When you realize that this has happened, do not hesitate, be not afraid. Embrace what has come forth from the Hand of the Cosmos and go where it takes you. After all, Love itself is a powerful form of Magic at work in our world.

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