Metal If you are in a relationship 2



The metal element is the most powerful of the five elements, and it’s no wonder why. Metal is strong and forceful, with a cool exterior that can feel like armor at times, but it’s also soft and vulnerable on the inside. In relationships, you are often drawn to others who are calm, quiet and reserved—but only until you fall in love. Once you do fall in love, you may become extremely jealous and possessive of your partners. This can be dangerous if your partner is someone who doesn’t want to be controlled by anyone or anything else.


If you have a metal element, here are some tips for how to balance your fiery nature when it comes to romance: Try not to jump into relationships too quickly; this will help keep you from getting too attached too early on in a relationship (and prevent any unnecessary jealousy). Give yourself time by keeping busy; this will help keep those feelings of jealousy at bay while also giving you more time to get to know your partner before deciding whether or not they’re right for you! Talk about how you feel with other people who understand what it means.


People with metal elements like you tend to be more cautious, but this trait can also be used to your advantage. You are more likely to think things through and consider your own feelings, as well as the feelings of others. This can make you a great partner if you want someone who’s going to take your time when making a decision, rather than rushing into something just because it seems like fun or exciting at the moment. These people are also very loyal, so if you find yourself in a relationship with one of them, you can probably trust that they’ll stick around for the long haul.

In addition to being loyal and cautious, people with metal elements like you tend to be very respectful of others’ boundaries—at least initially. You won’t go around touching or hugging people you don’t know well without asking first because you know that could come across as rude or invasive. However, once you get comfortable enough with someone else (which may take awhile), you may begin touching and hugging them more often without asking first–so this is something else to keep in mind if you’re dating someone with a metal element. You are often highly effective and efficient, especially in your romantic relationships. You are focused on making the most of every moment you have with your partner, which means you don’t waste time being petty or getting angry over small things.


Instead, you make sure to enjoy the good times you have together, while also taking care of any problems that may arise in the relationship by addressing them head-on. This is part of why people with metal elements tend to have longer-lasting relationships than those who don’t have this element—they’re able to look at their partner’s needs as well as their own, and make compromises that keep everyone happy.

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