Metal If you are in a relationship 3



People with metal elements like you tend to be charming, charming, and charismatic. You are easy to get along with and have a lot of friends, but you tend to be very picky about the people who get close to you. You can be very hard on yourself and others, and you need someone who can appreciate your talents and help you see your own value. The metal element is associated with the planet Venus, which means that people with this element are typically very affectionate and passionate about love. You also need someone who can show you how much you mean to them.


People who are ruled by the Metal element are often described as hardworking, practical, and intelligent. In a romantic relationship, they are likely to be loyal and dedicated. You place a high value on family and traditional values. When it comes to love and relationships, people with Metal elements tend to be very pragmatic and realistic. You don’t have time for false hope or unrealistic expectations—instead, you take things one step at a time and focus on what’s realistic. For this reason, you tend not to get too caught up in romantic dreams or fantasies.


People with Metal elements also tend to be very cautious when it comes to romance: you like to keep your options open until you are sure that someone is worth committing themselves to—and then you can commit fully and wholeheartedly. People with the metal element like you are known for your loyalty and devotion. You love deeply and can be extremely protective of your loved ones. However, you also tend to be somewhat controlling and possessive. You may struggle with letting go of people or things that you love, and this can cause problems in a romantic relationship if you are not careful.

People with the metal element tend to be very passionate about life, but this passion can sometimes make you appear impulsive or overly emotional. People with the metal element enjoy being around other people and are often involved in many different activities at once. You may have trouble focusing on just one thing at a time due to their need for variety. Because of this tendency toward impulsivity, it’s important for people with the metal element to choose partners who are capable of making sure that things get done properly without too much drama or conflict on either side. People with metal elements are romantic in a very specific way. You are very sensitive to the feelings of others and they want to please their partners. You can often be caught up in the romantic fantasies of their own minds, and will often focus on how you can make your partners happy.


You may struggle with the idea that you need to be responsible for someone else’s feelings, or that you need to take care of someone else’s needs instead of your own. This makes you uncomfortable, and sometimes causes you to push your partners away out of fear that you won’t be able to handle it. People with metal elements are also sensitive about being taken advantage of by others, so if you think your partner might have this element, you will need to be careful not to overstep boundaries or take advantage of them in any way.

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