Metal If you are in a relationship 4



The metal element is a very complicated and introspective element, but when it comes to romance, you have a lot of trouble. Metal people are very practical, and you tend to be more concerned with your own feelings than the feelings of others. You are also very good at putting up walls and avoiding intimacy, which makes you hard to approach in romantic situations. But if they can get through to you, you’ll find that they’re loyal partners who will stick by your side no matter what happens. You respect loyalty and honesty in relationships, so if you want a long-term relationship with them, those are two things you should make sure that you have in common.


Metal people are also very protective of their loved ones, especially when it comes to protecting their children from harm or danger. If you’re going through something difficult in life or need some help navigating through something difficult in life (i.e., an illness), metal people are great for providing support during this time because they tend to be very nurturing towards others (especially when it comes down to helping out family members). People with metal elements in their charts like you are very independent. You will not settle for a partner who is not willing to work hard and support you. You are also very ambitious, so you will not be interested in someone who does not have your own aspirations and goals.

Because of your independence and ambition, people with metal elements will often be attracted to other people who have it as well. It is important for these types of people to find partners who are compatible with them on an intellectual level and can support them emotionally, physically, and financially. People with metal elements in their birth chart are extremely loyal and protective of their partners. You are very sensitive to criticism and are quick to offer help, but you can also be judgmental and critical of others. You have a strong sense of justice, and you will fight for what you believe is right. People with metal elements in your birth chart tend to be very ambitious, but you also have a soft heart for those who are less fortunate than themselves. You are willing to sacrifice your own needs for the sake of others, but this can leave you feeling unappreciated or taken advantage of by those around you.


Because you value loyalty so highly, people with metal elements in your birth chart are usually attracted to partners who share similar values as well as similar interests. You often find yourself drawn to people who share your sense of morality—even if these individuals may not seem like good matches on paper (e.g., a person with a fiery temper paired with someone who tends towards calmness). People with metal elements in their birth chart tend to be very creative and artistic individuals who love being surrounded by beautiful things. This does not mean that all people born under this sign will be artists or designers—it simply means that such individuals tend towards careers

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