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As a person who has metal elements, you are very practical when it comes to love. You know that love is not something that happens overnight, and you are willing to work hard at it. You don’t believe in love at first sight—you need to see evidence of compatibility before you will commit to someone. You look for signs of loyalty, trustworthiness, and a willingness to communicate openly and honestly.


You believe in the power of communication and compromise. You want your partners to be honest with you about what they want out of life, including sexual needs and desires. But you don’t want your partner talking too much—you want your partner’s actions to speak louder than words when it comes time for action! People with the metal element in their charts are typically not ones to rush into relationships. You are more likely to stand back and take a good, hard look at the situation before you get involved. You want to be sure that both parties are ready for what this relationship will entail.


When it comes time to commit, though, the metal element is all in. These people are loyal to their partners and their families, and once you have made up your mind about someone, there’s no going back. You are not afraid of commitment—you just need to be sure that it’s the right decision before you make it. The element of Metal is the most difficult of all the elements to figure out. You are highly intelligent, charismatic, and attractive. These qualities make you extremely appealing to people who have other elements in their chart. In fact, most people with Metal in their chart will have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t want to date them at some point.

Because Metal people are so attractive and interesting, you are often pursued by those with Wood or Water in their charts. Metal people may be attracted to these types because you represent growth and change; however, this can lead to problems in a relationship if the other person isn’t willing or able to accommodate the Metal person’s need for independence and change. Metal people tend to be drawn toward people with Earth or Fire elements because these elements represent security and stability—two things that are important for a healthy relationship. These relationships can also be quite successful because both parties value similar goals: stability, security, and family.
People with metal elements are attracted to people who are strong and powerful, who can support and protect them. You often seek out someone who is older than you are or who has more experience in life, as well as someone who can help you grow personally and professionally. You also need someone who is not afraid to stand up for yourself or others, and will not be intimidated by the challenges you face in life.


People with metal elements like you care deeply about your relationships with others, and you often seek out partners who have a similar level of commitment towards the success of your relationship. You also look for partners who are willing to go above and beyond in terms of taking care of each other’s needs, including emotional ones like encouragement or physical ones like protecting you from harm if necessary.

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