Metal If you are recovering from a breakup 2



The Metal element is typically associated with things like security, stability, and predictability. This element has a tendency to feel safe in the status quo and to be hesitant to change. In relationships, this can mean that people of the metal element are very loyal and stick by their partner through thick and thin. However, if you feel betrayed or abandoned by your partner, you can have a difficult time moving on.


One way to help yourself through a break up is to focus on your own self-care. If you’ve been putting all of your energy into your relationship for a long time, it’s important to give yourself some time for yourself so that you can find some balance again. People who are of the metal element tend to be very aware of what other people think of them, so when it comes time for them to move forward after a relationship break up, it’s helpful if they have someone they know who will support them through this transition period and help them get back on track with life without their ex-partner as part of it anymore than necessary (if at all).


Another thing that people with this element tend to do well during this time is using meditation or prayer as an outlet for their emotions. If you’re feeling angry about the breakup then try med
Relationships are the foundation of our lives. We spend so much time and energy on them, and when they end, it can be incredibly difficult to move on.

The element of metal is strongly related to relationships—it’s the element of constancy, loyalty, and duty. People with strong metal in their charts are often very devoted to their partners, but they also place a lot of importance on duty and obligation. When a relationship ends, they may feel as if they have failed in some way or that their partner has cheated them out of something important. As a result of this belief system, people with metal element in their charts can often struggle with depression after a breakup. You may feel guilty about breaking up or resentful toward your exes for leaving you. This can cause them to feel stuck in the past instead of being able to move forward into new experiences and relationships.

They may be able to see you hurting and feel bad for you, but they won’t let their personal emotions get in the way of what needs to be done. When your partner has a metal element, it’s important to keep an eye on them and make sure they’re taking care of themselves during this time. You may be tempted to try to comfort them or fix things for them, but don’t do it! This isn’t your fault, so let them take responsibility for their own feelings and figure out how best to deal with them without any outside interference from friends or family members who are trying too hard to help everyone else cope with their pain without considering how it affects everyone else involved first.

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