Metal If you are recovering from a breakup 5



It is evident that you are enduring the loss of your relationship, it can be especially difficult for you because you tend to be very logical in your approach to life—and usually also very rational in your thoughts about other people as well (even when those thoughts aren’t necessarily positive). This means that having someone close to you leave unexpectedly can feel like being blindsided by an event that didn’t make sense at first glance; it’s easy for a metal personality type to feel confused or even deceived when faced with a breakup because you don’t have much experience dealing with these kinds of situations.


You are likely very private and cautious about your relationships. You might be a little bit shy, and it may take some time for you to open up and let someone into your life. Once you have found someone you trust and love, however, they will become one of the most important people in your life—and probably one of the most cherished. A relationship breakup can be devastating for anyone, but if you have the metal element in your chart it may be even more difficult for you because of your tendency to hold on to things for longer than most other people would. You might also feel like this breakup is a sign that something else is wrong with your life or that there is something wrong with yourself.

It’s important to remember that this feeling is temporary! There are plenty of ways to help yourself through a relationship break-up if you have the metal element in your chart. Specifically, take some time for yourself: get away from all distractions and spend some quality time alone focusing on what makes YOU happy (a hobby or activity). Next, avoid being around people who are not supportive: these are people who will bring you down more.


Moreover, it’s common for people with metal elements to be attracted to one another. After all, you share the same element, and your affinity for each other can be strong. But what happens when that bond is broken? The metal element is associated with strength and toughness, so it’s no surprise that people with this element in their chart tend to be resilient in the face of hardship. You have a tendency to bounce back quickly after a breakup, since you are well-equipped with the tools you need to help you get through the initial shock. However, while you may seem like you are handling things well on the outside, it can take some time for those with metal elements in your charts to process what happened and move forward. The key is being able to recognize when you’re starting over so that you can make sure you’re doing it correctly.


In a relationship, people with metal elements tend to be more optimistic and open-minded. You will often go into a relationship with a very positive attitude, but when the relationship does not work out, you can struggle with the change of perspective. While you are generally very good at dealing with change, it’s still hard for you to see things from another perspective when something changes in your life. You also have trouble expressing their emotions, which can make it difficult for you to find closure on an issue that has caused you pain. You are often able to move on from these situations fairly quickly once you have found a way to express what has happened and why it was wrong or hurtful.

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