Monkey Reading 46


The Monkey is the ninth animal in the Chinese Horoscope. Those born under this sign are known for mischief and practical jokes. On the good side, they are also known to be curious and fast learners. Devouring new knowledge and skills are important to the people under the Year of the Monkey.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Your enthusiasm is boundless today. You have the energy and drive to accomplish things. You will also be making good decisions based on proper perspectives. Take advantage of this moment. It is the stepping board towards your future successes.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

You are full of emotional energy today. It is a double edged sword. You can be affectionate and sweet to your partner at one moment, and then moody and aggressive in the next. Avoid automatic emotional reactions. Acting upon your impulses can lead to disappointment today. Remember that not everyone feels or thinks the same way as you do. Give some distance until you are finally acting calmly and rationally.

Health, Safety, and Protection

You are full of physical and emotional energy today. Weakness and sickness are out of the picture. What you need is an outlet for all of that. Try doing some strenuous physical workouts, or go forth and achieve those goals you always wanted to achieve. Just be mindful of your actions, and take care not to hurt anyone. Excess energy is a double-edged sword. It can help or harm others, and either help or harm yourself as well.

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