Nourishing body, mind and spirit

Nothing can go wrong when our thoughts, feelings, and actions are in sync. When they walk together towards the place where we want to reach and the objectives we want to achieve, I remind you that we are integral beings, we cannot neglect the body of our mind or our spirit and here I will talk a little more about this, keep reading…

Returning to the consciousness of the body helps to inquire into ourselves from the bodily intelligence, and not from the Ego. The awareness of your mobility, its resistance, the acceptance of your particular circumstances, and the recognition of your mental and physical habits are fundamental keys for you to have a balanced life. 

When the body is aligned correctly, it becomes an object of meditation and transformation as energy can circulate freely.

Everything that happens in the body also happens in the mind, so that when there is an alignment between what you think and what you feel.

When thought has been fully mastered: (the concrete mental body).
The proper use of thought perfects the control that the Higher Self or the Self exercises over the lower self or the personality; so that the highest aspect (The Self), begins to make its energy felt. The Ego, the Higher Self or the Self, is also reflected in the personality, the lower self of the human being is made up of:
1. The concrete mental body (concrete mind or mind).
2. The emotional body (Astral body).
3. The physical body (the vital or etheric physical body and the chemical or dense physical body).
Therefore, the objective of meditation is for the person to know and fully understand their highest aspect or their Higher or Egoic Self; so that the lower nature of the personality is controlled by the Being. And precisely; Through meditation, thought becomes a focus of the Higher Self or the Ego.

Amanda Cooper

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