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Olive 1

In their career path, they tend to be creative, initiative, and inventive with the ideas that may come to their mind. With those types of skills, they are learning to be a business person since being innovative with their mind can motivate them to work on new products that they may create on what is trending right now and be able to sell it since they like to be updated with their surroundings and to earn money pretty well.

Other than being a business person, there are other professions that fit well for them which are being a life coach, doctor or psychologist since they love to uplift people’s feelings and provide them enough to be hopeful towards their client’s life. When it comes to creativity, they are able to handle their clients pretty well since they will know what will be the proper method they can use to soothe their client’s situation in their own way rather than following the traditional practice that fits well on their work ethic.  However, the challenge with an olive person when it comes to their career is that they tend to overwork which can lead to demotivation and burnout due to frustrations. 

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