Olive 3 Wealth

Olive 3

Olive aura people are hard workers on the job that they are passionate about and the profession that leads towards them other than being a business person, is to be a doctor, psychologist, and a life coach since their energy as a whole person provided a positive and soothing vibe towards the people surrounding them that made the people feel hopeful when they felt the Olive aura person’s presence. As they have healing energy around them, they would definitely help any people unconditionally with their conditions and would likely negotiate well on what their clients wish to happen to their financial situation just to make them feel at ease and the olive aura people would understand it completely as they gave their one hundred percent trust to the people that they are trying to help with as they believe that the people that they provide help trust them too. Once they have provided the help needed, they feel and appreciate the experience they have encountered in work that leads to self-growth.

Since an olive aura person is hardworking, it is inevitable for them to overwork themselves since they are quite workaholic people. Due to overwork, they are prone to make mistakes in their work area which makes them feel bad about their profession and work ethics, they are more likely to be insecure about what they are doing however all they need to motivate with their work is to recall all the previous achievements that have attained before since no one is perfect and making a mistake is also part of self-growth as experience will always be a teacher as long as they are accountable with their mistakes. 

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