Ox Reading 19


The Ox is the second sign in the Chinese Horoscope. People born in the year of the Ox are the embodiment of strength and diligence. They are firmly rooted in reality and are known for being truthful and down to earth when it comes to their duties. 

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Be careful when passing judgment on your coworkers or employees today. You do not know what they are going through. Try to avoid being too rigid about the rules in your workplace. Flexibility and consideration are also important in getting things done without any hard feelings in anyone. Tempers may flare up during hard tasks, so keep emotions under check.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Have some integrity when with friends or romantic partners. Honesty and transparency can go a long way in keeping their trust in you. Too much passion can cause problems. Your feelings should be expressed in healthy ways or put under control when connecting with others. Listening to other people today and doing acts of kindness are better than insisting your expectations on them.

Health, Safety, and Protection

Emotions can go out of control today that can lead to harm or stress. Be calm and rational, and try to be flexible when doing your daily tasks. Listen carefully to what your body tells you, or what your surroundings are giving hints to. Pain, danger, and problems can be avoided by being aware of Life’s warning signs.

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