Pig Reading 54


This is the twelfth animal of the Chinese Horoscope. The Pig is a devoted pursuer of high goals. They have an amazing trait of focusing all of their energy and resources towards achievement, but at the same time they are still capable of showing compassion and charity towards others.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Your friends are the key to faster success. Hard work is important, but connections with other people can speed things up. It is even easier if you have also been a good person towards those close to you. It could be in the form of direct help, or material assistance, or open paths to new opportunities. Whatever it may be, those who genuinely care about you are more than willing to see you move up in life. Do not be afraid to ask them out!

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Give more room for your loved one and friends in your life. It may well be that you have been working too hard these past days. Are you neglecting your need for human connections? Are you also neglecting your bond to those close to you? Slow down for a while, and reconnect with other people. Achieving great things is useless if you are too lonely to share it with anyone else.

Health, Safety, and Protection

Look inside of you for a while. Do you have any pent up resentments? Are you filled with worries about the future? Being so busy with life means that you are neglecting the dark things within that will eventually make you sick. Slow down, relax, and do not pressure yourself.You are not responsible for all things in this Universe. Go out and do something good for others to slowly release all those anxieties and negativity. Kindness is a great detoxer that keeps you away from illness in mind and body.

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