PISCES 2 What do you think about long-distance relationships?



What do you think about long-distance relationships?


Circumstances that will separate Pisces people from their significant other are situations that will prove to be fearmongering even for them who are innately patient and understanding. An example of this is a romantic relationship shared with a Pisces lover while being geographically far from them and it is for a fact that this will negatively impact Pisceans in a level unknown. As a bearer of the water sign, they are known to be affectionate and loving individuals who often longs to be with their partner and therefore will always go out of their way in order to freely and openly indulge in their significant one’s presence, it may be managing prior commitments, completing tasks on time or planning the days ahead. Pisces people cherish every second they spend with their spouse, they make wise use of their time to express their loving and affectionate nature through cuddling beneath the sheets, long and warm hugs, smooches and kisses, deep conversations and just generally wanting to do things together. With distance, however, physical contact will be significantly reduced and Pisceans will be quite lonesome as the absence stretches from days to weeks, or months even which may eventually cause a rift between them two. Stemming from their emotional nature, feelings of longing, insecurity, isolation and fear will be a struggle for these Pisceans as the lack of physical intimacy and interaction on a routinely basis further creates an emotional  and physical gap. Therefore, it will be crucial to maintain the communication and allot sufficient time to bond, even virtually, to compensate for the wide myriad of inadequacies the long-distance relationship entails. 

Pisceans place significant value on transparency and honesty. While distance can be a contributory factor to a relationship’s demise, they will require an open communication to be assured that they are not being deceived or betrayed which may be demonstrated through prolonged distance or lack of enthusiasm. Having a partner they can completely trust and openly communicate with will provide them a sense of security and assurance that will help alleviate episodic bouts of loneliness and feelings of isolation. Additionally, it is important for Pisces people to feel that their significant one pours in the same amount of effort as they do to keep the love and connection alive. Being shown apathy, insensitivity and lack of ardor will dishearten these emotional individuals and therefore will need their spouse to be as equally affectionate as them. A thoughtful present or surprise call will surely boost the Pisces’ mood for the day. Furthermore, as one born with a caring and nurturing trait, Pisces individuals desire to be informed at all times of anything that involves their partner; it may be their well being, how their day went, what particular event annoyed them during work or how they are doing. It is important that the Pisceans and their partners themselves put in the extra effort to make the relationship work. While it is indeed not an easy task, their creativity and originality will allow them to communicate in a more fun and loving way regardless of being miles apart!

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