PISCES 2 What makes you fall out of love?



What makes you fall out of love?


To fall out of love is a process not frequently experienced among the loving and affectionate individuals born under the Pisces sign. While losing the romantic attachment is a dismaying yet benign process disliked by most, it is a situation mostly avoided by the Pisceans due to their caring and sympathetic nature. They rarely experience such an occurrence, nonetheless, once encountered, they take and attempt every possible way known in existence to avoid ending a relationship as once they love someone they begin to entirely devote themselves to the welfare of aspects involving their partner and their relationship. Unfortunately, Pisces individuals, regardless of their unwavering commitment and love, may lose interest in maintaining the connection due to various factors. This may immediately begin once they have felt their partner losing interest in them or their relationship such as frequently making abrupt alibis to excuse themselves from spending quality time with their Pisces lover, demonstrating insensitivity towards their feelings, dishonoring promises without reason, refusing to be supportive of their emotional needs or denying them the right to know the truth. Pisces individuals will always opt to find the good in everyone or give the benefit of the doubt to people they hold dear, especially to one so special as their partner. Therefore, the likelihood of these Pisceans falling out of love is significantly low yet will remain inevitable and conditional depending on the situation, or response of their partner. 

Pisceans are benevolent, understanding and considerate individuals who will always think things through first before coming up with a decision. They demonstrate holistic love and respect towards their partner and therefore expect them to do the same. However, a partner who has been negligent of their Pisces lover’s emotions and needs will eventually lead these Pisceans to be wary and suspicious of their spouse’s actions for they have gained prior knowledge of the eventual disappointment it entails. Furthermore, a promise is considered a responsibility as one should live up to it no matter the cost once it has been forged. Pisces people have always highly regarded their own word and their spouse’s and thus expects promises to be kept unless a recent event has deemed it not plausible to be carried out. While Pisceans are truly and inexplicably understanding, partners who are unable to keep their word implies dishonoring the vows a relationship holds and this will lead them to make an ultimatum concerning their future as a couple.

Deeply emotional individuals are the water bearers, especially Pisces, and as their spouse continuously fails to efficiently fulfill their role as their Pisces’ partner, they will be completely lose interest in continuing the relationship seeing as it presents more grief than relief, no longer a home and more like a battlefield. Days shared will worsen as conflicts remain unresolved due to ineffective communication which may have resulted in explosive arguments instead of compromising or meeting halfway. Such a situation all stemmed from the loss of love and affection that could have been salvaged with an extra effort, not only of Pisces’ but of two. 

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