PISCES 3 How should you deal with jealousy?



How should you deal with jealousy?


Jealousy, envy, spite and anxiety are emotions not managed well by the bearer of the water born under the twelfth zodiac sign. Pisces people are emotional individuals who are innately adept at expressing their emotions and they naturally find joy in conveying their feelings outwardly and openly. However, negativity is not something they can aptly control at will. They will find these emotions to be troubling to cope with as they carry on with their activities of daily living wherein it may be challenging for them to maintain a conversation or finish a task without being irked, crestfallen or demotivated at some point, a phenomenon known as extreme fluctuation of mood. Additionally, they will be prone to making mistakes they shall regret later on as the likelihood of acting on impulse is increased. Such events will bring about negative impacts on their interpersonal relationships, not to mention, their own lives and therefore will require appropriate actions to better cope with the feelings of envy.

It is important for the Pisces people to take some time to reflect on both their actions and emotions. They must bear in mind that it is not exactly impulsivity once they deem it necessary to take a leave of absence from work in order to tend to their own health requirements. Pisceans have frequently demonstrated negligence of their own needs for others, such is their nature to please the people they have long cherished albeit little did they know that this is truly detrimental for them. Above all else, it is crucial that they prioritize themselves as this will allow them the opportunity to better acknowledge and understand the source of negativity they are feeling. Events, occurrences, actions or circumstances that do not sit well with their soul should be avoided immediately so they can avoid impending stress it entails. Furthermore, they must engage and commit themselves to actions that demonstrate self-care since it has been long known to be essential to one’s well being. Such purposeful deeds will increase their confidence and will allow them to be more self-sufficient, therefore, eradicating any doubtful thoughts that may distort their perception of oneself and outlook in life

The mind and thoughts are powerful instruments in navigating one’s life therefore Pisces individuals will also need to refocus their energy on the positive aspects of their life such as their health, relationships, and career. An example of this is an optimistic outlook and consistent demonstration of gratitude as learning to be more grateful for what you have, regardless of how big or small it may be, will instinctively attract good things and will significantly increase resistance to impending stress and anxiety. Therefore, giving these dreamy, emotional creatures a sense of happiness and fulfillment that comes from being appreciative. In addition to this, being mindful with one’s action will help in coping with the feelings of insecurity as it allows Pisceans to be ever-present and conscious with their thoughts, actions and feelings that will shape their perception’s center of focus that must be in the present rather than past experiences or events.

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