PISCES 3 What does your zodiac sign talk about your future relationship?



What does your zodiac sign talk about your future relationship?


Born with an innate talent in communicating effectively, reading emotions and selfless caring, Pisces individuals will discuss their desires and concerns with their partners openly and immediately. As a bearer of the water sign born under the twelfth zodiac, they are highly sensitive and intuitive individuals with a strong desire for closeness that transcends not only the physical domain alone, but all dimensions that constitutes one’s well being. Above all else, they value connection and intimacy with their partner and would go to great lengths to make sure they have reached this level of closeness while persevering to sustain it. Furthermore, Pisceans deem it important for a companion that will be able to sympathize and empathize with their feelings, one that can comprehend their emotions on the spot and will instinctively act in accordance to their needs and wishes. It is pivotal for these Pisces individuals to have a partner they can unquestionably rely on during such crucial times, especially in times of need

While it is mostly idealistic of the Pisceans to have a partner who shares the similar outlook in life that will further aspire them, they would be more appreciative of someone who will be supportive of their dreams. A companion who will tirelessly encourage them to persist until they have attained their life’s purpose, their primary goal. Moreover, as Pisceans are known to be sensitive in nature, a spouse that is extremely understanding and knows how to sympathize with them will allow the Pisceans to share their wishes without hesitation, without fear of being criticized. Acceptance is what truly matters to these emotional creatures once they have conveyed their objectives and dreams, that they shall not receive any form of condemnation or hint of dismay from their partners and instead should unquestionably be accepted without feeling the need to modify their goal under the influence of their partner. Additionally, Pisces people love to feel appreciated at all times. This can be shown by their partner’s inclination to put in the extra effort to make their Pisces lover feel loved and cared for such as preparing their meal for the day’s work or accompanying them during their job interview or acknowledging that you have wronged them and express your apology sincerely and lovingly afterwards. Pisceans find delight in the smallest gestures their partners do for them and therefore shall reciprocate such deeds ten fold.

Discussion of everlasting partnership will surely be mentioned by the dreamy and romantic Pisces individuals. As one born caring and nurturing, they seek a mutually beneficial relationship that will help them towards professional and personal growth while being exceptionally affectionate towards one another. In troubling times, Pisceans may  seek refuge in the arms of their partner and would wish to be coddled after an exhausting day at work. On rare and special occasions such as an anniversary, they may request for a weekend getaway to unwind and enjoy the company of no one but their spouse’s. Foremost, they may wish to convey the kind of loving they wish to receive like how they would prefer their partner’s presence over a space for a breather whenever issues arise as such is their nature. 

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