PISCES 3 What makes you fall out of love?



What makes you fall out of love?


Falling out of love is highly conditional as it is influenced by a number of elements that are subjective and specific to people involved. However, Pisces people have frequently steered clear of such disheartening situations as they always find a way to conquer obstacles for the sake of their relationship, may it be romantic or completely platonic. Having been born with an emotional depth and sensitivity, they would often take the initiative to discuss concerns that are considered a hindrance within their relationship. Moreover, going through a break up is a real struggle for most, especially for those who have shared years of romantic attachment only for it to be ruined for a reason so frivolous. However, some conditions will inevitably push Pisceans to resort to choices they have long avoided to maintain the relationship, regardless of how tattered it has become. Negligence, deception, insensitivity, disrespect, apathy, incompatibility, evasion and stagnancy are all a demonstration of failure to fulfill their role as the Pisces’ lover. These aspects can be overlooked by Pisceans due to their innate understanding nature should their significant other put in the same amount of effort and cooperation for their relationship to really last. Otherwise, the partnership is bound to be terminated regardless of the Pisceans’ desire to love their spouse with their all, fearlessly and irrevocably. 

It is important for Pisceans’ feelings to be reciprocated. While they do love selflessly, their limits lie with their partner’s eagerness to make the romantic connection between them lifelong. A spouse who has repeatedly shown insensitivity towards their Pisces lover’s feelings is a huge deal breaker for these emotional water bearers who yearn for closeness and intimacy. They find joy in openly expressing their affection and would be appreciative of romantic deeds that will demonstrate their partner’s love towards them. However, if they continue to be shown an inadequate amount of energy and affection, they will instantaneously lose interest. This also suggests that their partner is not being supportive of their needs and their inability to fulfill their desires which will rouse conflicted feelings about their connection as a couple. Pisceans desire strong emotional bonds with their partners and would feel an earth-shattering devastation and hopelessness once it has occurred to them that the romantic connection exists no more. 

While Pisces people and their partners may hold different values and outlook in life, it should not normally cause a rift in their relationship. Pisces individuals are dreamy and idealistic in nature and have always been in constant pursuit of their dreams, not solely for themselves but for the life they have envisaged with their significant other. Some cases may lead Pisceans to lose interest as they perceive the incompatibility and unsupportive behavior of their partner to be a serious concern that hinders their desire for personal and professional growth. In addition to this, they have wholeheartedly embraced change that comes with character development and so will require a partner who shares the similar outlook and will accept them entirely no matter what. Otherwise, they will deem it useless to hold on to a relationship that will only cause a strain on their progress towards growth.

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