Rabit Reading 5



Those born under the Year of the Rabbit are affectionate and caring individuals. This is the most creative and intelligently cultured among the animal signs of the Chinese zodiac.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

This is an emotional time for you today. Many important decisions you can make may be affected by it. This is very risky in itself. Try injecting some rational thinking into it first before jumping in. Sometimes our feelings blind us from the reality of our situation, and we make failed strategies. On the other hand, keep some of the positive feelings and dwell on it for motivation. You need the enthusiasm to drive everything for today.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Mood swings can affect your connections with people today. This can lead to unintentional injury and problems in your relationships. Try your best to keep things under control.Do not let petty matters and issues affect your temper. This is all part of the crazy influence the Universe has upon you today. Wait patiently and try to be nice. The mood will be much better tomorrow.

Health, Safety, and Protection

You are full of boundless energy right now. You cannot explain it, but you just want to do too many things all at once. A word of advice: choose your activities wisely. Even with all your strength, some things are just too heavy to carry. Be mindful also of how your actions can have consequences. Your careless moves can harm others and yourself today.

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