Rat Reading 3



This is the first sign in the Chinese Horoscope. The Rat is the embodiment of charisma and openness. Those born under its year are known for amiability and instant success after a short period of hard work.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

There is a temptation to spend money carelessly today. Do not fall for it! You may run out of resources that you will likely use for future needs. Rather than spending, save your money, and cut back on expenses as much as possible. Reuse and restore old items that are still worth keeping and valuable. As an antidote to selfish wasting, be extravagant instead with generosity towards your needy and suffering friends. They will thank you for it and give you good karma in the end. 

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Selfishness can pose a problem. This rotten attitude can turn off people who are close to you. It is not good to drive away others. So therefore, it is time to make an image change. Put on a positive aura and smile more. Be generous and charitable to others with your material things, time, and wisdom. Give away what you can to help those outside yourself. Your relationships are but a reflection of your inner being, after all.

Health, Safety, and Protection

The excess you are hoarding is not good for you. Does your house look cluttered with stuff you do not need? Is it filled with garbage that is making you actually sick? Or perhaps you are harboring resentments against other people, and are stingy when it comes to being good to others. Well, it is time to throw out your junk and clean up your dwellings. Let go of negativity that weighs the spirit down. Cleansing is the imperative right now, and it gives new life to you when you act on it.

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