Roster Reading 14


This is the tenth among the animal signs. The Rooster in the Chinese Horoscope represents extroversion and an outward direction in interacting with other people. The people born under the Year of the Rooster thrive in public events and activities involving mass communication. They have the power of charisma over many.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Avoid overconfidence for today. This is a time of confusing energy, and making bold moves may prove to be very dangerous. Take a few moments to be alone and think things through. Clear decisions will come out later on once you have sorted the confusion out.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Your romantic partner may try to limit your freedoms today in a way that is not good. It may affect other plans you have for the day. Avoid direct confrontation, but try to deal with the problem in a quiet and diplomatic manner. This is a time of confusing energy, and making rash actions can backfire. By talking things through like true lovers who trust each other can some amount of your personal freedom be regained.

Health, Safety, and Protection

Do not be too complacent about your health and safety for today. This period of time is quite unpredictable. The wrong moves can lead to a mishap or health problems you may not be prepared for. Lie low in your actions for a while and be careful. You may never know what will befall on you on this seemingly harmless but chaotic day.

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