The Rooster is the tenth animal in the Chinese Horoscope. It is among the most extroverted of the animal signs. Roosters are highly talkative and outspoken. They thrive on public functions and mass activities. Those born under this animal sign are happiest when interacting with a crowd.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Explore the creative and artistic fields today. It may prove to be a profitable career or business to get into for you. Some of your more eccentric friends may bring insights you can use at work and for your sideline. Be willing to listen to their advice and do not push yourself to do everything alone. This is the start of a period of expansion, so expect your finances to improve remarkably from now on.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Volunteer to give more of yourself to others today. It could be spending a date with your soulmate, or offering your time and help to friends and family. This will be a peaceful time so expect smooth interactions with others. Be not afraid to make requests to those close to you. They are willing to oblige out of goodwill. Just be clear about what you want and make it free from any selfish or ulterior motives.

Health, Safety, and Protection

This is a calm and wholesome time. No problems with your wellbeing or safety are indicated for now. Doing enjoyable activities that are reasonable are on the agenda for today. You can make major decisions today such as getting a makeover or choosing a new workout routine. Any concerns can be given to your doctor for advice. Most likely, it will come out fine.

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