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Silver 3

If one has a silver aura, it’s important to keep themselves as healthy as possible. First, make sure they’re getting enough sleep—at least eight hours every night. They should also be drinking plenty of water, and taking a multivitamin supplement every day can help. If they’re not getting enough sleep or nutrients in their diet, it can cause the aura to appear brighter and more intense.

The silver aura is a common phenomenon that is present in many people and is used by some as a sign of good luck. The silver aura is also known as the “halo effect” or “mirror reflection,” and it occurs when light reflects off of areas of the body that are not covered by clothing. The area around their neck and shoulders will be most affected, as well as their hairline and head. It’s important to note that this effect does not mean that they’re going to live forever—it just means that their skin reflects light better than most people’s. It’s simply a visual effect that happens when light passes through the surface of the body at certain angles.

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