Snake Reading 18


The Snake is the most secretive of the Chinese animal signs. They are mostly fond of keeping their thoughts to themselves and their opinions secret. On the plus side, those born under the Year of the Snake are wise and intuitive.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Your natural curiosity is your friend today. There may be new skills, know-how or anything you might want to learn today because you are intrigued by them. This will prove useful later on in your work. You may also discover new business or product ideas because of your inquisitiveness. So keep your eyes open and your mind excited.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Be a considerate person today. Offer a listening ear to the very young, specially with your child relatives or possibly with your own children if you are a parent. They need all the guidance and sympathy you can give them. When talking to other people, be mindful about sharing secrets. You may destroy the very person who has shared it with you by being careless with your mouth.

Health, Safety, and Protection

Your personal Doctor may have something important to tell you today. It could be a diagnosis or an urgent health problem that needs fixing. Either way, confront it and deal with it before it becomes something serious. Be careful of hidden hazards at home or at work. Not all dangers to your safety are obvious, so being absent minded today is a bad idea. 

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