Snake Reading 20


The sixth animal of the Chinese Horoscope is a keeper of mysteries and secrets. Those born under the Year of the Snake are blessed with wisdom and intuition. They are known to hide their thoughts well from other people.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Choose your companions wisely. Creative and positive thinking friends can help you navigate the path to success. Their input and encouragement can give a great boost to you if you are stuck in your career or business. Asking for assistance from others is necessary for today. You have to understand that you do not know everything. Finalize your financial decisions, too. You can lose money if you are unclear or wishy washy in your moves.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Romantic dates are a must right now. You and your lover deserve some time to be happy. Talking with your friends about your personal issues can be good, too. Approach your inner circle with genuine care and concern. Do not be possessive about the other’s time and companionship. This is the time to be polite and considerate, not insecure and oppressive to others.

Health, Safety, and Protection

A lot of things will get you stressed today. Most of these will be emotional in origin. Be rational and collected. Remind yourself that you are not the center of the Universe, so relax and just focus on doing the things that make you happy. Seek assistance for any problem or malady you may experience before they leave you incapacitated. The risk for physical injury can be minimized by keeping your workplace well organized.

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