Snake Reading 31


The Snake is the sixth animal in the Chinese Horoscope. It is the most enigmatic and mysterious of the animal signs. Those born under this animal sign are known to be highly intuitive and are often keepers of hidden wisdom. They are capable of making their own judgments and opinions while remaining private and secretive at the same time. 

Wealth, Career, and Finances

No man is an island. Success is not an affair for loners, but for those willing to accept help from others. It is wise to have experts and talented people work alongside you. They can give you the boost you need in certain key areas. Networking with friends you seldom meet often can be unlikely sources of opportunities as well. Aside from money and material resources, people themselves are also valuable assets. 

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

This can be a time of friction in your romance. Unresolved resentments or ill feelings can affect your interaction with your soulmate. Try to widen your patience and give room for others to make some mistakes. Deal with any inner bad vibes quietly before they go out of control. You cannot gain happiness by controlling how others behave around you. Give room for people to have the freedom to be themselves in their relationship with you.

Health, Safety, and Protection

You are holding in too many negative emotions today. Your body is feeling it, too, and you are under the weather. It is better to go with the flow right now and to stop being a control freak. Trying to make all things go your way is stressful in itself. Do your best to go about without any pressure for a while. Practice kindness for now, it is good not only for others but also for your health as well.

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