Snake Reading 5



The sixth animal of the Chinese Horoscope is a keeper of mysteries and secrets. Those born under the Year of the Snake are blessed with wisdom and intuition. They are known to hide their thoughts well from other people.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Relax for a while. You have been doing all your best to keep your career successful. New challenges and difficulties have been conquered by you in the past. Any future adversity will also be handled well. Overthinking and overworking will only sabotage the good you have already achieved. Just do what you can, and rest when you feel like it. A balance between work and personal life is important in these times.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Younger family members need attention right now. Do you know of any cousin, nephew, niece, or siblings who need help? Keep your eyes open, and act when you hear the calls for rescue. Young people go through all kinds of troubles growing up, and it takes a concerned grown up to give proper guidance and assistance when they need it the most. If others are not helping them, it could be you who is called in to be the responsible adult figure in their lives.

Health, Safety, and Protection

A balance between relaxation and accepting new challenges is the current topic in your life. If you have been straining yourself too hard at work, it is time to rest and do some recreational activities. A well-rested person has enough energy to do more work tomorrow. On the other hand, it is good to try new goals that can improve your physical and mental health. You can try improving your fitness, or being a more calm and patient person in general. Whatever it is, challenging yourself to become better pays off in the long run. 

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