Spiritual Wellness consequence

Bad Condition

The reading for today gives the impression that your spiritual health is not in good shape at the present time. Your intuition has picked up on the fact that it’s there, therefore it’s safe to assume that your spiritual life is going through some kind of turbulent patch right now. This could be the consequence of external reasons, such as a challenging position or relationship, or it could be the result of internal issues, such as self-doubt or a lack of clarity about your views and values. Either way, the cause could be either internal or external.

This also means that you may be experiencing feelings of disenchantment or separation from the spiritual path that you are on. This may be the consequence of a lack of support or guidance from other people, or it may be the product of your own uncertainties and worries over your spiritual journey. Both of these possibilities are possible. Regardless of what caused this condition, it is essential that you keep in mind that it is only a transitory state and that you have the ability, as well as the resilience, to get through it.

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