Spiritual Wellness decisions

Good Condition

Spiritually, you’re in good shape today. Today will be about learning to trust yourself and your intuition, which is both important for making wise decisions. The Universe will guide you today, so always listen and trust what it has to say. You need to be kinder to yourself today than you were yesterday. If you catch yourself being mean or harsh with yourself, take a deep breath, do some gentle yoga breathing, and just allow yourself to be kind again. You’re likely to feel more optimistic today than you were yesterday. This can be a great time to make plans and set goals, but don’t forget that they aren’t always going to work out exactly as planned. If something doesn’t work out how you thought it would, don’t get frustrated—just keep moving forward.Don’t give someone the power to make you feel badly about who you are. You have to come to terms with the fact that other people can just provide you with their opinion and point of view, but that you are the one in charge of your own life. If someone doesn’t like anything about you, it is not a reflection of them; rather, it is a reflection of them and the problems that they are dealing with in their own lives.

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