Spiritual Wellness exercise

Bad Condition

Today will not be a good day for your wellness if you are unable to communicate clearly with others or if you lack the ability to exercise self-control over the activities that take place within you. If you are unable to exercise control over the things that happen within you, then it is highly possible that you will have the experience of the world receding from your reach. You can also get the feeling that other people are taking advantage of your generous nature or the additional work you put in. If you are not expressing yourself clearly, it is possible that you will have the feeling that the words that you say have no effect on the people who hear them. It is also possible that you may get the impression that other people do not comprehend what it is that you are attempting to convey to them or why they ought to care about it.When you talk to someone, you could have the impression that they are not paying attention to what you have to say. If you have this impression, it might make you want to stop talking to people altogether.

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