Take advantage and grow with new moons and eclipses

It is more important to go slow and get the lessons you need along the journey than to rush the process and arrive at your empty destination.

The new moon and your birth chart

Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Sagittarius December 14, 2020, at 14:40 GMT

The temptation to go back to our old prejudices, with Mercury in conjunction with the South Node, will be very present. But there is no time to live in the past; A total solar eclipse reaches its zenith on December 14 at 14:40 GMT., when the Sun and Moon align at 23 ° 08 ′ SD Sagittarius.

With the effects of this eclipse spreading over the next six months, it appears that we will make great strides in our efforts to leave behind the old perspectives and judgments that have limited our higher dimensional consciousness.

Uranus at 7 ° 06 ′ of Taurus is also on board with the idea of ​​new potentials; the innovative planet will sextile Ceres in Pisces, inviting humanity to be kinder to Mother Nature and to others. Not to be outdone, Mercury makes a trine with Mars, encouraging us to hold onto our convictions and inspiring hope for a more uplifting future.

This New Moon is remarkable because it is a total solar eclipse in Sagittarius. It will last just under three and a half hours, from start to finish, and the entire process will only be visible in certain parts of the world (mainly Chile and some parts of Argentina).

In Antarctica, the southern part of South America, and southwestern Africa can also experience what looks like a version of a partial eclipse, depending on how the weather affects visibility that day.

Regardless of its visibility, it is the symbolism of the total solar eclipse that is most significant to us in this case.

While it is true for many astrologers that a total eclipse can describe significant global changes and tangible physical changes that can negatively affect entire nations and many of their citizens, it is worth remembering that one person’s disaster can be another’s opportunity.

In other words, there can be hope, in any situation symbolized by the eclipse, for new energy or redemption of some kind. After all, the basis of this cosmic scenario is a New Moon, under normal alignments of the Sun, Earth, and Moon.

The exact alignment, which creates the experience of “the light that goes out” with the solar eclipse, with the three bodies configured as if they were in a straight line, is technically called “syzygy”, an astronomical word that developed in the 17th century to describe conjunction, where two or more bodies are coupled or united.

The word is also used in anatomy in the context of describing twelve pairs of cranial nerves. “Syzygies are the nerves that carry the senses from the brain to the entire body.”

Such symbolism should not go unnoticed by astrologers who could see the intelligence of the Sun as the force of light, carrying information to and from the body, which, in turn, we could see represented by the Moon, with its feelings and impulses emotions that run through the nervous system and arteries.

The same happens with our eclipse, which involves the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth, joining forces that affect us, partly physically but also psychologically.

Therefore, the crucial areas of life will now have greater sensitivity and perhaps greater challenges to manage: business, work, and finances, relationships, home, family life, and health.

If we are to handle this intense period, we may need to hold onto our own light – our sense of commitment, hope, creativity, and continuity, even in the context of experiencing pain, loss, change, or other trials and challenges.

Our greatest task will be to recognize where we can continue to find or create unity, perhaps on a larger scale than ever before.

Sagittarius is the key here, emphasizing the union of nations, cultures, and dreams so that there are greater alignment and struggle for transcendence.

It can be more knowledge, more love, more expansion in space, or a simple recognition that it is important to be exposed to something new. It could be through travel, conversation, study, and the like.

With Jupiter as the disposition of both the Sun and the Moon, besieged between Pluto and Saturn, all in Capricorn, we may have to fight limited thinking. With Saturn at 29 ° critical, there is a “do or die” feeling.

Mercury and the South Node are also in conjunction with the Luminaries, adding to the flexibility of Sagittarius’s mutable quality, but reminding us to learn from, and not ignore, the lessons of the past.

Sunlight may be blocked during this total eclipse, but our memories and our willingness to negotiate and find progressive solutions need not be.

A trine from this group of planets in Sagittarius to Mars in Aries is one more reminder to use individual energy wisely, sending positive arrows of communication rather than threats.

How to use the new moon in your birth chart

Use these techniques to bring personal relevance to global transits.

We can start by exploring our own natal chart, gradually expanding to better understand it with friends, family, and clients.

Get a good understanding of your natal chart (Which planets are prominent? The cycles that impact those planets/points will have more impact. Not all moons will impact you directly).

How does it work

We cannot determine with certainty the origin of the use of lunations and eclipses, but we can find examples of how they were considered by the first astrologers of the Hellenistic era (in particular, Ptolemy)

Lunations are most used in mundane astrology (global/world)

Lunations (New and Full Moons) occur at the same time all over the world. We can understand unique experiences as individuals by asking:

● What is the sign and degree of the lunation?

● Is this lunation located in aspect (<3º) to another planet or angle?

● In which house does this lunation fall?

● How does the lunation chart, at my location, compare to my birth chart? ( New addition of Astroworld to facilitate the study).

Use your astrological program or an ephemeris to identify in what sign and degree the new moon or full moon will occur.

Compare it to your natal graph

What aspects can we find?

Squares and oppositions: challenge and competition Create tension

The square challenge gives room for growth

Trines and sextiles: support and enablement

Pay attention to whether these are things you want to enable and support.

Don’t think in terms of these are good and squares/oppositions are bad.

In which house does the New Moon fall?

The house in which the new moon falls tells us where we can expect the effect of the lunation to begin.

1: you, body, health, willpower, stamina

2: your finances and anything that helps your body stay healthy.

3: siblings, neighbors, communication, family trips

4: parents, father, history, family, property, and home

5: kids, sex life, kids you come in contact with, things we do for fun

6: things that destroy your health (NOT your current health), illness, ailments, habits we form that lead to those things

7: partners of any kind: romantic, business, etc., declared enemies (when you meet them)

8: symbolic death, debts, where our loss becomes someone else’s gain

9: learning and education: things that open your understanding, shamans, mystics, anyone who wants to open their understanding, travel abroad, dreams, magic

10: reputation, career, mother, status changes (such as marriage, parenting, etc.), ambition, lasting changes

11: gifts, the support we receive externally, hopes and wishes we have for ourselves, friends, and benefactors

12: secret enemies (I do not see or realize), rest, rest, and silence, the planets here do not seem to be what they are

Make a chart for the exact time the lunation occurs in your location

Take into account the planets or important points located at the angles of the lunation

Check the natal degrees located at the angles of the lunation, as this will help you refine how you can expect to experience the outward manifestation of the lunation.

TIPS for working with lunations

Don’t overthink it: it’s simpler than you think.

Don’t over-spiritualize: Sometimes a transit is very literal.

Do your job: have your software and/or ephemeris at hand.

Analyze it as a historical journey: How do past and future lunations combine?

Observe and receive feedback: Did what you expected materialize?

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