Tea Leaf Reading 10

tea leaf reading

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Two letters near rim


Uneventful and ordinary. Today is not really good for your wealth, but it is not bad either. No extraordinary conditions will pop up for now to shake up your work or career also. It is merely about doing the bare minimum and routines for now. If ever there will be some changes for good, it is through your own willpower and actions that they do happen. What will you decide to do for your financial and professional future? Think clearly and use this moment of calm to plan wisely.


The Universe is not in a mood for anything right now. It will be a calm and uneventful time for you as a couple. Nothing bad will particularly happen to your relationship, and nothing good will develop for now either. It will be an ordinary and amicable day. If ever you want to spice things up, it will be due to what you and your partner decide to do for now. If you must, choose what will make you both happy for today. You and your soulmate will be responsible for the colors of an otherwise bland time in your lives as couple.


An ordinary and uneventful moment right now will be experienced. You will not be sick or bothered by anything for now, and your wellbeing is not affected in any sort of way. Boredom will make you lazy, so you have to choose which wholesome activities you can do for now. Get into your hobbies, walk in nature, or engage in some physical exercise. In times when one is tempted by being bored, it is good to avoid laziness and move with allĀ  your energy.

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