Tea Leaf Reading 3 Images seen

tea leaf reading

Images seen:

Crescent moon.

Bird flying.



Letter A

Letter in official envelope.

Letter H and two ‘L’s.’


It feels like a drought of progress for some time. You have been working and doing your best but success or money seems to be far away from you. Hold on to your patience for much longer. The rewards of your efforts are coming sooner than you think. The goal is not reached by those who give up early because they could not see the fruits of their labor. A little more push, a little bit more on holding on, and eventually you will be surprised by the rewards you justly deserved. 


Life has been holding you back for a while. All your attempts at finding love have been failing. You may be despairing at your past mistakes, but then do not condemn yourself just yet! Perseverance pays in the long run, and even bad luck is temporary. Sooner than you think, you will find someone whom you can have a romantic bond with. All that is required is to not give up and to remain kind and caring towards other people, regardless of your relationship status.


It feels hopeless. You may be battling a health condition at present, but recovery seems a long way off. Or, you are trying all kinds of means to improve your fitness, but the results have not appeared before you. Do not be tempted to give up. The end goals are closer than you think. Improvement coming, recovery is imminent. All you are called to do is to persevere and to never stop caring for yourself. No sickness lasts forever, no good effort goes unrewarded.

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