Tea Leaf Reading 4

tea leaf reading

Images seen:

Large tree in bottom of cup.


Butterfly on side approaching handle.

Line of dots leading east to Building.

Letters ‘N’ and ‘C.’


There will be a move towards greater things. You are likely to enter a stage in your life where bigger responsibilities and a wider world will await you. This could be a promotion, a new venture, or a chance to work for a bigger corporation or institution. The demands that will be put on you will be great, but so will be the chances for growth and material rewards. More diligence and dedication to your work will be needed in you from now on. Success can only be attained in a good environment and with the right attitude and effort.


Nothing stays stagnant forever, including love. All things move, for better or for worse. In your case, it will be for the better. There will be improvements in your relationship with your soulmate. This could be either financial, social, emotional, or even spiritual in nature. The hard work and positive feelings you have shown to each other are starting to give good results.  The progress that comes is something you both deserve.


The movement is upward. The journey is towards better and stronger. From instability, your health will move into stability. Any maladies that you have had will find recovery, and that will surprise you in a happy way. If you have been working out, shifting towards a cleaner lifestyle, or going on a diet, take heart! Your push has not been in vain. The fruit of your efforts will come and you will enjoy it.

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