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tea leaf reading

meaning five


To whom do you offer your ears to? Not everyone has your best interests in mind, some are foolish, and many others want to harm you. Be careful about the financial or career advice you receive from other people. Some may just lead to bad decisions if you follow them to the letter. Try to get a second opinion and use your own judgments well. If the people around you are consistently giving harmful advice, it is time to change your set of companions. It will be better if you are actually working with those who truly have your benefit in mind.


Do you follow maps that go nowhere and words that actually lead to failure? Maybe that is what you are doing right now. Many of your attempts at finding love may not be working right now. Did you heed the advice of the people around you? Some of your well-meaning friends and family may have been giving you romantic guidance that does not always work in your particular case. Look within, trust your own decisions, and follow your heart when it comes to love. Learn to discern what works and what does not from the advice given to you by others.


Are your current habits leading you to poor health? From where do you take guidance when it comes to self-care? You are likely headed towards the wrong direction when it comes to caring for yourself. Perhaps you are listening to the wrong advice when it comes to your health, and it is ruining you slowly. Time to listen to other voices, and apply real wisdom to your mind and body. Advice from professionals and those who are experts can help you a lot. Stop following a fool’s path when it comes to your wellbeing.

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